Links for the New Release

As promised…

Here is the link for Spotify:

And Apple Music

The album is out on all the other streaming and music services including Amazon, Google Play, Pandora, iHeart Radio, etc.

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One More Time

It seemingly took forever but the album has finally been re-released. The original release (as chronicled in earlier posts) had significant issues with the mastering. Anyone who streamed the tracks was greeted with a lifeless and under-powered experience. I just couldn’t leave things as they were.

I consulted with several engineers over the last couple of years to figure out what went wrong. There were a number of suggestions (some actually helpful) that inspired me to re-engineer the project. The time afforded me an opportunity to make changes to the tracks and do some re-mixing.

Over the last few months I have been working with Thomas Juth to do some re-mixing and re-mastering. Thomas is a Grammy-winning engineer who has worked with the likes of Paul McCartney, Elton John, Jason Mraz, Train, James Bay, and a number of less well-known artists. Given that my album was self-produced and not recorded in a professional studio, there is only so much that anyone can do. Thomas is amazing but even he isn’t a magician. Still, the end result was a lot better than the original release.

I’ll post links to the various streaming services once the album hits. Now, on to new material…

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The best laid plans…

It’s been almost a year since I dropped my album and it has been very quiet here.  And there has been a reason.  Although the preview tracks of the final mix sounded good here in the studio, the actual release — most especially the releases on streaming services other than iTunes — are very disappointing.  They are dead, muted, and lack any appreciable dynamics.  Not at all like the finals I have here in the studio.  After consulting with several Mastering houses and engineers I’ve decided that the entire project needs to be re-mastered.  I’m taking some time to tweak the mixes but hope to re-release TOOWK right around its anniversary.  At least that’s the plan.  As always, stay tuned.


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The Album Drops! Finally!

Genre-spanning Indie rock that tells stories of love, loss, life and the beginning of the apocalypse…

Available on all the major streaming outlets including  Spotify

And iTunes  – Mastered for iTunes

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Mastering Is Almost Complete

The tracks are in the hands of Justin at Mystery Room Mastering. We’ve bounced them back-and-forth as I fix mix issues and we grapple with mastering EQ.  Right now it’s looking as though we’ll be releasing this thing next week.


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We’re almost there…

Thanks to the hard work and patient perseverance of the lovely Beverly Bond the backing vocal tracks are complete.  The editing and mixing process is mostly done.  With a little luck I can get the final percussion parts tracked this week, wrap-up mixing and get this project off to Mastering early next week.

Fingers crossed!

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Progress, Glacial but Progress…

So, I’ve been working diligently (that’s a relative term, BTW) to drive this project to its end.  The arduous mixing/editing process is well along and I’m looking forward to recording female backing vocals for a few of the tracks within the next week or so.  That is the last major step before we put a fork in this thing and send it off to mastering.  If things go as planned (does that EVER happen?), the 14-track The Only One Who Knows release will be out next month.  Fingers crossed…


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And so it begins…

Welcome to the web presence of Swampland Music.  Stay tuned as we upload content and the random bits and parts that we find lying around in the studio.




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