The Story

There’s always a story, right? Mine starts in the 60’s folk scene — don’t do the math… it  never ends well — and winds its way through a blur of garage bands, the role of Jesus in a production of ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’, and then pauses during the late 70’s with Paradise Alley.

This was the ‘street opera’ period, wedging itself between the fading glam-rock craze and the surging punk scene. Springsteen was emerging as a rock powerhouse.  ‘Live music’ clubs were plentiful and local groups like Paradise Alley and The Beaver Brown Band toured the Atlantic Coast from New Jersey to Canada.  Paradise Alley mostly played colleges, music venues, and opened for major acts including Leslie West, Rick Derringer, James Montgomery, the late Dom Troiano of Guess Who and James Gang fame, and others. Two of our originals — Summer in the Streets and Jamaican Rose — got some airplay in the Boston market and I’ve been told that Summer was actually being played on a radio station in Spain (don’t ask me how).

When Paradise Alley disbanded after 4yrs, I was slowly sucked back into real-life.  Music took a distant backseat.   I stayed peripherally connected for a time, providing marketing and business support for Uncle Sam’s in Nantasket Beach, MA, which at the time was being run by my former manager, Frank Petrella.

My hiatus from music lasted until the early 90’s when I slowly started to replace the instruments I’d been forced to sell — and could never again hope to afford — and once again picked-up my writing.  When you’re driven to do this, even after having abandoned it, you have to do it.  I quickly learned, however, that it’s not easy producing music in an apartment.

That realization led me to Franklin where I built my home with the aim of having a real project studio.  Well, that and to keep a promise to my cat, Dylan, that I’d get him a house again after our divorce.  He wasn’t keen on apartment living either.  Situated along a stretch of Mine Brook, it offers just the right amount of privacy and seclusion to do what I need to do without riling neighbors — and yes, we’re heavily invested in swamp land.

Although an ‘analog guy’ at heart, my first studio construct was ADAT/Mackie-based and planted the seeds for my current studio.  Another real-life interruption ensued but I went back to work in earnest in 2011 after surviving a 4-year battle with Lyme Disease.  My current studio centers around a Sonar DAW work station and is the poster child of the project studio.  But enough of this.  It’s time to get back to work…